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During the long hot summers in the south, the moisture is pulled out of the soil by the combined action of the sun and trees. The soil is literally pulled back from the side of the house. If the soil continues to dry, cracks can develop in the foundation. During prolonged dry periods the home owner should water around all sides of foundation to prevent damage from foundation movement caused by an overly dry soil. soaker hose with the holes turned to the ground is an excellent method of applying water to the foundation.


Roofs don't wear out evenly. The South or southwest exposure gets the brunt of the hot afternoon sun and that is the side that usually needs to be replaced. I am often asked at what point a home owner should invest in a new roof versus just replacing the worn out section. The rule of thumb l have always used is that if you are replacing more than 1/3 of the roof, you are better off replacing the whole roof.

Tree limbs should be kept a minimum of three feet off all roofs. The action of the wind dragging limbs and branches across a roof can cause considerable damage to the shingles and can result in water penetration to the home.

Air Conditioners:

Air conditioning should not be run if the outside temperature is below 60 degrees as this has an adverse impact on the lubricating oils in the compressor and might cause the unit to lock-up.


Always flush the garbage disposal with cold water as this will help solidify the greasy waste so they can be polverized and washed down the drain.

Never pour bleach down the disposal as this will rust and corrode the hammers. Lemons and oranges make the disposal smell fresh.